Owners of second house
                              we are your best neighbour ...
You are the proud owner of a second home in Provence

To ripe the benefits of your property all year around, Home Sweet Home Provence
will take on the management and the maintenance of your second home.

During your absence, peace of mind will be
provide by our Quietness service.
All visits will be backed up by email with
a detailed report and pictures .

Throughout the year, we will take care of the upkeep
of your house, garden and swimming pool...

Home Sweet Home Provence offers you a comfort
service. This comfort option includes a welcoming
service and any other client requirement

We are your only interlocutor,
                              your best neighbour.

34, place de la mairie 84330 St Pierre de Vassols. tÚl: 04 90 37 17 65. e-mail: hshp@orange.fr