Visit of September 15, 2005

visit report
Our complete visit of september 15, did not reveal anything of abnormal. Doors, windows, shutters, water and electrical points are ok.
House was ventilated, household electricals are operational, 2 letters were reforwarded to you today.
Garden is beautiful, we collected dead leafs. Automatic watering had been checked.
Swimming pool had been checked and cleaned by the piscinist last monday. pH is stable, water temperature : 28°c.
As agreed, delivery of firewood will be on october 18.

We will be happy to welcome you at the TGV station on octobre 1, at 4.41 pm. As your wishes, the 2 guest rooms will be ready and the fridge filled.
See you soon in Provence.

local news
The weather remains good, It’s an indian summer.
The grape harvest has begun for one week.
Vines which surround your property will give a wine close to 14°.
A very new and promising restaurant opens at 10 km. We will inform you.

your message

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